Our know-how

and handicrafts

From classic style to the latest contemporary trends, Phelippeau craftsmen master all the trends and techniques associated with them. For a silversmith's work on fabrics.

The company is actively engaged in three crafts – stitching, stuffing and upholstery – and embraces all the major artistic trends from the classical eighteenth century styles, through the more contemporary (Art Deco) movements to ultra-contemporary designs.

Phelippeau craftsmen must be both wholly conversant with the techniques of the period, the materials employed and how these are used, and also able to make a perfect finish. Each project is a technical adventure which they approach with open and inventive minds so they can give the greatest possible satisfaction to designers, decorators and architects’ expectations.

Three professions, two styles, one signature


The classical period spans several centuries and includes many styles: Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Regency, Louis XV (rococo), Louis XVI, what in France is known as the Directoire [lasting from 1795 to 1799], neoclassical, Empire and Restoration.

To produce classical art a craftsman must have a thorough knowledge of the history of art and the different styles as well as a high level of skill. An artistic and creative sensitivity can also prove useful when adapting to specific demands.


Throughout the history of interior decoration, the upholsterer’s profession has constantly adapted to different periods and styles. Antique furniture, whether baroque or rococo, has gradually given way to contemporary works with crisp lines. The decoration of bays, once very ornate, has been lightened. Today's curtains are "flat pleated" rather than scalloped. The general trend is towards refined elegance while respecting the decor.

This is why Phelippeau Tapissier does not provide a catalogue: their projects are bespoke for every customer. When creating new models, Phelippeau craftsmen demonstrate a high level of expertise and remain a source of inspiration, able, where needed, to provide creative advice and support to designers and decorators.

Seat upholstery

The workshop both restores period furniture and creates unique contemporary pieces specially designed by international designers.

The Maison Phelippeau workshops continue to provide the traditional animal hair stuffing used for period armchairs, a tapestry art speciality still carried out today.

The twelve upholsterers, all of whom are qualified craftsmen and including some with the Best Craftsmen in France distinction, also produce complex structures using special foams to offer clients the most comfortable seats possible

Curtain Stitching

In the Phelippeau workshops, exceptionally skilled craftsmen take the utmost care with their work, some of them finishing by hand, achieving a high quality final result

Whether net curtains or pinch pleat lined curtains, boat blinds, decorative cushions, bed accessories or scalloped hangings and decor, the upholsterers all abide by their industry standards and can also advise clients on the choice of the most suitable materials, patterns and types of assembly.

The decors are presented on an electronic gantry with a top height of 4.5 metres, allowing the creation of curtains flush with the floor regardless of the fabric chosen, something which is rarely provided in France.

Wall Hanging

Applied by the company's ”villiers”,[ville, the French word for “town”] the upholsterers working in the town, the fabrics and materials adorning villa and residence walls are made with gallooned, studded or invisible finishes, in leather or fabric, to enhance the most classical as well as the most contemporary interiors.