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Outstanding upholsterers

Heir to a long lineage of weavers, couturiers and upholsterers, Maison Phelippeau today combines its ancestral know-how with contemporary creativity.

Founded in 1953 by Roger Phelippeau, the company has revitalized sophisticated techniques and revisited its ancestral passion for fabrics to become one of France’s most important upholstery makers.

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“Genius begins beautiful works, but labour alone finishes them.”

Joseph Joubert

Our know-how

From the Classical style to the latest contemporary trends, Phelippeau craftsmen have mastered every trend and its related technology, producing exquisite upholstery.

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Our Design

Working alongside the greatest designers in France and abroad, Maison Phelippeau has created exceptional decors, from the Netanya 8 yacht with its Studio Putman-designed interior to the sumptuous decors of the Château de Champs-sur-Marne, and from Lydia Courteille’s avant-garde interiors to Paris apartments transformed into temples of luxury and refinement. Welcome to the Phelippeau world.

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