Phelippeau Tapissier

Haute Couture

Heir to a long lineage of weavers, couturiers and upholsterers, Maison Phelippeau today combines its ancestral know-how with contemporary creativity.

Founded in 1953 by Roger Phelippeau, the company has revitalized sophisticated techniques and revisited its ancestral passion for fabrics to become one of France’s most outstanding upholsterers.

Maison Phelippeau’s prime skill lies in the way it is able to use ancient knowledge and know-how in its contemporary creations, constantly enriching its techniques since the end of the 19th century to give the greatest possible satisfaction to high-end customers.

From the Classical to ultra-contemporary styles, Phelippeau Tapissier produces unique solutions for exceptional locations all over the world at the request of architects, designers, manufacturers and distributors of design products and private clients.

To each of its projects, Maison Phelippeau brings not only its high standards and excellence, but also a listening ear and responsiveness to customers’ requests enabling it to give tailor-made advice and support.

Alexandre Phelippeau

A graduate of ESTP [École Spéciale des Travaux Publics, du bâtiment et de l'industrie, a Paris engineering and research graduate school] Alexandre Phelippeau began his career as an engineer in the Vinci construction group before embarking on the restoration of historical monuments, where he joined… his father Jean-Paul! So his path intersected with his family’s and he discovered – who could ever have imagined - a passion for upholstery. In 2011, he became an upholsterer and in 2012 joined the family business before taking over from his father in 2015.

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Our team

In their 1,500 m2 workshop, 30 excellent craftsmen give the highest possible satisfaction to prestigious customers’ requirements.

15 minutes from Paris, Maison Phelippeau has 1,500 m2 of workshops where 30 highly qualified upholsterers, some with the Best Craftsmen in France distinction, work together.

Working painstakingly and with professionalism, technical inventiveness and a keen eye for detail, each craftsman is committed to, and focused on satisfying as far as humanly possible the most imaginative and audacious requests.


Step inside Maison Phelippeau’s Paris premises and you will immediately see the showroom: a 17th century salon containing some of the collections of fabrics, materials, silks, wools and soft furnishing trimmings: the Phelippeau showroom presents its treasures...

Huge shelves cover the entire width of the walls stretching right up to the ceiling, on which are stored hundreds of bundles forming a fabrics library of over 5,000 carefully referenced fabrics: the fruit of a long collaboration between the Phelippeau family and over 90 soft furnishings’ producers.

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Design office

At every project implementation stage, Maison Phelippeau provides every one of its clients with a listening ear and individually tailored support.

Be it for furniture rehabilitation, 3D furniture, chair or armchair model design, custom cladding, costing, drawings, Phelippeau offers creative advice to help its architect clients and designers, manufacturers and distributors of design products give free rein to their creativity, express the best of themselves and successfully complete their projects.

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Stuffing Workshop

The traditional animal hair filling is a specialty of interior art upholstery, still practised in Maison Phelippeau workshops.

The workshop both restores period furniture and creates unique contemporary pieces specially designed by international designers.

The twelve upholsterers, qualified craftsmen, including some with the Best Craftsmen in France designation, also make special complex upholstery foam for cushions to provide the best possible seating comfort.

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Sewing Workshop

In the Phelippeau workshops, our exceptionally skilled craftsmen take immense care with their creations, sometimes even completing their task by hand and producing a high quality finish.

Whether net curtains or pinch pleat lined curtains, boat blinds, decorative cushions, bed accessories or scalloped hangings and decor, the upholsterers all abide by their industry standards and can also advise clients on the choice of the most suitable materials, patterns and types of assembly.

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